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26 Jul
Bloomburrow Prerelease

Friday July 26 @ 3pm & 7pm
Saturday July 27 @ 12pm &
6pm (Two Headed Giant!!!)
Sunday July 28th @ 12pm

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Anz Super Series

Next Wave TBA

Big Modz! (Modern)

Popular constructed format that includes cards from Eighth Edition (released in 2003) and all sets printed afterwards, excluding cards on the Modern ban list.

  • 7pm Thursday Night

It's so popular, so we've decided to run it twice a week! We welcome all types of decks, whether you're a first-timer, bringing a preconstructed deck, or have a high-powered one. Many of our players have multiple decks, so there's no pressure if you're joining us for the first time.

  • 7pm Friday | 1pm Sunday

Pioneer includes cards from Return to Ravnica forward, excluding cards banned in the format. This currently encompasses a wide range of sets, making it a diverse and evolving format.

  • 7pm Friday Nights
Tueday Night Drafters!

Cost varies as the draft box is normally decided on the night with drafters. Double check with store to make sure a draft is going ahead on the night as this can be a hit/miss event.

  • 6pm Tuesdays
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