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20 Jul
Pokémon Go League

Format: The Pokémon GO League Challenge Tournament will be in Swiss tournament pairings, best of 3 games,
$15 Entry

  • 11am
06 Sep
Stellar Crown Prerelease

Descend into a world below the surface and discover the true potential of the Terastal phenomenon!

  • 6:30pm
Friday Night Locals

Standard format. Cards with “F,” “G,” and “H” regulation marks will be legal to use (as will any future regulation marks that may be released).

  • 6:30pm Fridays

July League Challange

13th July 2024

Winner, Scott Minnekeer - Gardevoir

2nd, Tyler Bishop - Gardevoir
3rd, Alyssa Lock - Lostbox

4th, Maxwell Howard - Charizard

Pokémon Trainers!

A huge congratulations to Scott for clinching victory in our recent Pokémon League Challenge! Scott's exceptional skills and strategic prowess with his Gardevoir deck have truly impressed us all.

Here's to celebrating your well-deserved triumph and looking forward to more thrilling battles ahead!

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